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Having a regular physical examination is important for maintaining your health, especially as you get older, and employers, motor vehicle agencies, and other agencies often require them. Dr. Jose Batlle offers comprehensive physical exams for men and women, using important evaluations and screenings to ensure every patient enjoys optimal health. Patients requiring exams for their employers, their driver’s license, insurance companies, or other agencies should be sure to have the proper forms prior to their visit.

Physical Exams Q & A

How often should I have a physical examination?

Patients should get physical examinations every year. This provides an ongoing health record that can be compared year after year to look for subtle signs of disease and to ensure medical treatment and guidance based on evolving needs.

Annual physicals are especially important for diagnosing high blood pressure and other diseases that often cause no noticeable symptoms until a serious medical event occurs. They’re also important for identifying risk factors for disease, so Dr. Batlle can provide preventive care to reduce those risks.

What types of physical exams does Dr. Batlle offer?

In addition to routine physical exams, Dr. Batlle also performs physical exams and completes paperwork and forms required by workplaces and employers, driver’s licenses, insurance plans, and travel, as well as exams required during the immigration process.

What happens during a physical examination?

A physical examination begins with a medical history, including personal medical information as well as information about the patient’s parents and other near relatives. The medical history can help Dr. Batlle uncover risk factors for disease and determine which health screenings or preventive treatments might be appropriate.

Next, Dr. Batlle will obtain weight and blood pressure measurements and perform basic evaluations, including listening to the heart and lungs, checking the ears and throat, and feeling the belly and neck to check for any swelling or tenderness.

He’ll also perform other evaluations based on the patient’s symptoms, age, and medical risk factors, and he may order blood tests, urinalysis, other lab tests, or health screenings. Sometimes he will order lab work before the appointment to ensure the results are ready for review during the exam.

At the end of the visit, Dr. Batlle will make recommendations for additional care as well as provide lifestyle tips and guidance to improve overall health and wellness. And, of course, he’ll answer questions to help the patient understand their health needs.

What should I do to prepare for my physical exam?

If Dr. Batlle orders lab tests before the exam, be sure to complete them at least a week or two beforehand so the results will be ready during the office visit.

Bring a list of any current medications you are taking, including supplements, and know the basic medical histories of close relatives if possible. Patients with lots of questions might want to jot down a few notes so they remember to ask them during the appointment.

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