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Laws require immigration exams for anyone applying for residency in the United States. Exams include specific tests and evaluations and must be performed by a civil surgeon approved by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. As a civil surgeon in New York City, Dr. Jose Batlle is a trusted provider of immigration exams, performing required evaluations, and completing necessary paperwork to aid men and women in the green card application process.

Immigration Exam Q & A

What is an immigration exam?

An immigration exam is a physical examination that includes a variety of tests and evaluations required by the USCIS for anyone seeking a green card, which enables them to lawfully reside in the US.

The primary purpose of an immigration exam is to ensure green card applicants do not have specific medical conditions, including some communicable diseases that could prevent or delay their ability to be approved.

Can any doctor perform an immigration exam?

No, only doctors who are designated as civil surgeons can perform immigration exams. The USCIS grants  civil-surgeon designation after the doctor meets specific requirements.

Dr. Jose Batlle is an experienced USCIS-certified civil surgeon, which means he’s lawfully able to perform the exams and complete the accompanying paperwork and immigration forms.

Is an immigration physical exam the same as a routine annual physical?

No. While an immigration exam may include some of the same evaluations and tests as an annual or routine physical exam, the primary purpose of the immigration exam is to look for specific diseases and conditions, including some psychiatric conditions that could affect a person’s ability to qualify for a green card.

What happens during an immigration exam?

An immigration physical begins with a review of the patient’s medical history as well as a discussion of any medical or health concerns the patient may have. Dr. Batlle will also review the forms required for the exam to ensure all the required paperwork is in order, and he’ll also review any documents the patient may provide, such as a history of medical treatments or immunizations.

During the actual exam, Dr. Batlle will listen to the patient’s heart and lungs, gently feel the abdomen and neck, and perform other basic evaluations as needed. He’ll also order a chest X-ray and blood tests, usually prior to the exam.

Once the exam is complete, Dr. Batlle will complete any necessary paperwork required for the green card application.

What should I do to get ready for the exam?

Before the exam date, green card applicants should gather any forms and paperwork the doctor will need to review or fill out during and after the exam and have lab work completed. Patients should also bring any medications they may be taking for chronic or acute medical issues as well as a list of immunizations, medical treatments, or hospitalizations they’ve had.

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